A space where study and personal development are a priority


Residencia Universitaria Sarriá is not only a space to house

The residence ensures the necessary means so the student does not only depend on the hours of classes for their academic and personal development, but this education continues in their place of residence.

From the necessary means for completing their academic training in spaces designed for the study of each subject and receiving tutoring, to courses provided by the residence itself intended to personal training, since the performance in studies is so important asassimilating some living skills which allow proper confidence in the labor and the social world.

Academic background

The University Residence does not only provides exclusive spaces for its residents to receive reviewing private lessons in various subjects and language classes, but puts them in contact with the best schools and tutors, so that their education finds no obstacles at any time.

Classes may be individual or in groups and languages ​​can focus on improving knowledge of the language or  preparing for the official certificates (Advanced, Delf, ...).

The resident, who so wishes, may inform the residence of the amount of weekly hours that he or she needs to attend classes and reserve a room so he or she can have quietness and feel concentrated during the reinforcing lessons.

So that all residents have the necessary tools to stand out in their field, the residence has prepared courses which may be of interest such as oratory, diction or memory courses.

Personal training

Personal training

The training of a college does not end with theacademic knowledge acquired. In the Residencia Universitaria Sarriá our priority, along with the study, the personal development, and for this reason it does not only provide an atmosphere of respect and coexistence, but complements it with training in areas that help the student to cope adequately in their new environment.

  • Cooking course: although in the Residencia Universitaria Sarriá every resident has full board catering, an introductory cooking course is taught so that the resident can cope after their stay and knows how to value the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Laundry Course: for the correct use of the laundry facilities in the residence, residents can attend a course in which they are given the right instructions to wash their personal clothing.
  • Course of international protocol: in the Residencia Universitaria Sarria we highly appreciate the importance of healthy living and the politeness in manners. This course will give international protocol guidelines so they know how to behave in cultures and customs which are different from the occidental people.