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Can Caralleu directed classes

Free access to facilities at the Sports Centre Can Caralleu. Students of the Residencia Universitaria Sarria can participate in any of the classes and activities, which are:

  • Aerobics, Aero-boxing, Outdoor physical conditioning: circuit training, games and group activities
  • Fit-ball: Labor force with giant balls that promotes good body placement and improves pelvic stability and proprioception.
  • GAC: Work focused on toning the glutes, abs and legs.
  • Gravity circuit: Labour force circuit using Gravity machines, combined with strength training and cardiovascular-resistance with the use of different materials.
  • Nordic Walk: Session of cardiovascular work and outdoor group consisting of walking with the help of specially designed poles to work the upper body.
  • Spinning: Indoor Cycling Session pedaling at the rhythm of the music aimed at improving aerobic capacity and muscle tone of the lower body.
  • Step: Choreographed session to improve coordination and endurance by using the steps.
  • Toning: Improvement of muscle tone with exercises and other material with a very easy execution.
  • Pump Tone: Session where muscular endurance is trained with the help of bars and discs, with more or less weight, which are coordinated with a rhythmic work methodology.
  • Total Body Conditioning (TBC): Session that combines the benefits of the aerobic sessions with muscle work by intervals.
  • Sports: badminton, basketball and volleyball. Initiation and development of sport with physical, technical and tactical work.
  • Aqualudic, Aquacircuit, Aquacambi, Aquadance, Aquafitness: Activities aimed at toning all your body by performing exercises in an aquatic environment.