A space where study and personal development are a priority

The residence

Residencia Universitaria Sarriá is a place where study and personal development are a priority


Student residence in Barcelona designed as high-performance space

Residencia Universitaria Sarriá

Residencia Universitaria Sarriá departs from the philosophy that every service offered has to serve as a tool to help achieving a high academic performance.

Students, professors, masters and students of Oposiciones can enjoy spaces created especially for them, taking into account their needs and comfort.

The residence has 165 double and single rooms, spread over four buildings connected between them. It also has a limited number of duplex rooms, reserved for senior residents.

It has 8 common rooms for study and work in different skills and places of restricted use to read, relax, work in groups and organize meetings. And it also has large gardens.

In the residence many services can also be enjoyed, such as: restaurant with kitchen, front desk, housekeeping, free access to the sports center Can Caralleu, parking lot for cars, motorbikes and bicycles among others.


Living in the Residencia Universitaria Sarriá is a common experience. An essential part of this coexistence is taking as its own principles the respect and order of the residence.

Good attitude, participation in activities and individual contributions are valued as essential to continue to ensure a good environment both personally and academic.

The rules of behavior are indispensable in a place for living consisting of a community of 320 people, so the Residence preserves this environment at any time according to the principles set out in the regulations.


Want to know more?


Reception on arrival for residents provides the necessary information on the services and facilities of the residence. However, if you have any doubts or questions, you can contact the reception 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Upon arrival, also the student receives information about Sarria’s neighborhood, a neighborhood with rural atmosphere in Barcelona, where there is a variety of establishments and pedestrian areas for pleasant rides.

  • What should I do to apply for a place?

    • The registration form must be completed and all the documents listed on the form. This procedure may be done directly through this website, by email, fax or directly at the reception of the residence.
    • Making a personal interview. Personal or video call, that can be made via Skype our username is: residencia.sarria. Admissions department will contact applicants to schedule an appointment.
    • A communication of admission will be made from the residence. After the admission, students must pay a deposit of 2000 euros to ensure the room. This deposit is returned upon departure.
  • Can I visit the residence?

    You can visit the residence any day of the week and holidays, you just have to arrange an appointment to ensure that a person in the admissions department can welcome you.

    The visits are for clients, families and applicants who want to solve their doubts about the facilities of the residence. It is advisable to send the documentation in advance and have some time to visit and conduct the interview.

  • Why sharing a room with another resident?

    Experience has shown that sharing a room, at least the first year, facilitates meet other students and get together. If you do not know anyone or do not know with whom you can share the room, the residence assigns roommates taking into account the studies, courses, preferences, affinities etc. Coexistence is part of the philosophy of residence and we try to make the stay as pleasant as possible to every resident.

  • What should I bring to the residence

    Each room is fully furnished, so that only the resident's personal belongings and a towel are required (only for use in the sports center Can Caralleu). The residence provides sheets and towels for the room and arranges weekly change: bed linen once a week and towels twice a week.

  • What is included in the monthly fee?

    In the monthly rate are included the accommodation costs, cleaning and changing towels and sheets, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, WIFI, the use of all common areas of the residence (Study room, working room, cinema, music, computers ...), daily newspapers and magazines subscription, access to sports facilities of Can Caralleu, reception 24 hours a day and national landline calls.

  • What services are not included in the monthly fee?

    Services not included are: photocopying and printing b / w and color, car parking, motorcycle parking, coin operated laundry self-service or personal service, phone calls to mobiles and international calls.

    The amount of these services is charged as extras on the 15th of each month or on advanced payment in the reception desk.

  • How to get a studentship

    Each academic year, the Residencia Universitaria Sarriá offers 9 studentships of 10% of the monthly charge and a special studentship for higher amounts, addressed to university residents who need financial assistance.

    To be eligible for these studentships, applicants must complete the form "Request for Studentship", which may be found on this webpage.

    The prerequisite to obtain it is to have an excellent academic marks record and to show by documents the need for economic aid.

    If you have any doubt, those interested can request more information by contacting the residence by telephone or email.


Residencia Universitaria Sarriá


Residencia Universitaria Sarriá has its own studentships program providing accommodation to those students who pursue academic excellence and that can enrich coexistence and human capital.

These studentships are helping those families who make an economic effort to enable the student to be in an academic environment, high perform and to achieve the best possible results.

With the aim to help families requiring assistance, the residence accepts applications requiring special assistance over the amount of a normal studentship.

  • General accommodation studentship program

    9 studentships which suppose a 10% monthly discount for residents staying the entire course, sharing a double room, and 1 special studentship grant for higher amounts.

  • Special program

    In the case of a student with an excellent academic record and a need for financial aid higher than the overall grant, the residence offers a special studentship for specific cases, where a grant over the 10% would be considered.

    Special studentships are addressed only to people who need special financial aid and obtain excellent academic results. Therefore, if the application is rejected the student is not eligible for a place at the residence, as it is understood that it is unable to cope with the normal economic conditions or the general grant of 10%.

    This studentship can be requested using the form located on the website or asking at reception.

  • Procedure for requesting studentships

    • Handing the completed registration form and the studentship form.
    • Providing economic data: Declaration of income of father and mother, declaration of assets. Photocopy of the last salary
    • In case that the student has another studentship, they must declare what type and amount.
    • Providing academic data: results of the last three years.
    • After evaluating the documents received, the Admissions Department will convene the candidates to:
      • 1. Make a selecting test
      • 2. Carrying a personal interview

    If you contact via e-mail, phone or fax, you will be sent all necessary documentation and answer to every possible question.

    The residence reserves the right to terminate the grant if the information provided is incorrect or incomplete.

    Applying dates: from April 1 to August 3.

    The resolution to the scholarship application will be resolved on June 15, and on appeal on August 7. Applicants will be notified personally from then.

  • Eligibility requirements

    In the case of receiving the scholarship, the student must provide information about his or her qualifications whenever the admissions department asks for them.

    If the residence considers that the student does not meet the performance requirements, the residence will cancel the studentship.

    Breaching the standards of behavior required by the residence will mean the automatic cancellation of the scholarship although the course is not finished and, obviously, the normal warnings derived from breaching the rules.  Not paying in the given time will involve the immediate cancellation of the studentship.

    If the studentship for the course is not obtained and therefore the student is not interested in continuing the process of applying for housing, he or she must write and sign a resignation letter. Otherwise, the residence will keep the registration as a future non-scholar resident, except for special studentships.

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The residence is located in the town of Barcelona, in the Sarriá district, between green and protected areas.

Located in the northern part of Barcelona and with a distinguished rural environment, Gaudí combines modern facilities such as CosmoCaixa, elite sports centers, schools and universities. Taking the bus number 130, at the door of the residence, students can be in 5 min strolling through various pedestrian streets and visiting many stores of all kinds.

Castle Park de l'Oreneta and Can Sentmenat Gardens surround the residence. Nearby is the Carretera de les Aigües, passing through Collserola Park, the “lung” of Barcelona, ideal for cycling or walking enjoying the magnificent views of the city.

All this is a natural environment that makes the residence a quiet, affordable and pleasant place

Residencia Universitaria Sarrià