A space where study and personal development are a priority


Residencia Universitaria Sarriá guarantees an enabling environment for the development and study

The residence's philosophy is to ensure the maintenance of an environment and optimum values for achieving academic goals and personal development, which is an extra relief for the students’ parents

At a life stage in which university, where the student completes his personal and educational training, the figure of parents and family environment play a key role in complementing and guiding.

In environments where it is not possible to have the figure of parents present, such as when staying in other cities, it is vital that they feel their children can find themselves in a place where they do not lose the course of their education, and this is what the Residencia Universitaria Sarriá ensures.

An environment where studying is a priority but without forgetting the correct forms of leisure and social relationships, with facilities perfectly prepared for each training need and services designed exclusively not to have to worry about other tasks that are not part of their training or not having to seek other services outside the residence.

A residence where the details are important and where tranquility of both students and their families is ensured

How Residencia Universitaria Sarria ensures the ideal environment for your children

  • Security:
    The residence has security during 24 hours, either by a closed video surveillance either by its own staff, always present at reception and making continuous rounds around the facilities circuit.
  • Tranquility:
    The entrances to the residence are controlled and inappropriate behavior is forbidden, so it is ensured that all residents and their environment follow the discipline and  the basic living standards required in an exemplary student.
  • Dedication:
    All the services offered include everything needed for students to concentrate on their full training tasks and entertainment that allows them to disconnect and rest within the same household services like full board meals, housekeeping and change Linen, transport (bus to universities and free bike rental) etc. They provide all the tools for residents to meet in this environment all their needs.
  • Coexistence:
    In the residence it is a priority to fester a good atmosphere of hard work and dedication, so we do not hesitate to make interviews and monitor the development of each student to be a good influence at all times for the others.
  • Preparation:
    The training does not begin or end up with a transcript: good manners, poise and function in each of the social and labor aspects in which students will be involved are also aspects that are instilled and encouraged in the same way as the strictly academic.