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A place where care and detail for perfection have a place in every corner

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The Residence

Pictures of the common areas of the residence.

  • Residencia Universitaria Sarriá

    Residencia Universitaria Sarriá

  • Bus stop

    Bus stop

  • Access to the Residencia Universitaria Sarriá

    Access to the Residencia Universitaria Sarriá

  • Gardens


  • Rest and relaxation area

    Rest and relaxation area

  • Gardens of the Residence

    Gardens of the Residence

  • Main - Building

    Main - Building

  • 24 hours -Reception

    24 hours -Reception

  • Buffet area

    Buffet area

  • Own kitchen

    Own kitchen

  • Salad buffet

    Salad buffet

  • Homemade buffet

    Homemade buffet

  • Healthy desserts buffet

    Healthy desserts buffet

  • Dining area

    Dining area

  • Outdoor terrace

    Outdoor terrace

  • Laundry area

    Laundry area

  • Housekeeping


  • Parking Covered

    Parking Covered

  • Bicycle -Parking covered

    Bicycle -Parking covered

  • luggage storage

    luggage storage