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A space to live in peace and comfort

Types of accommodation

Residencia Universitaria Sarriá offers student accommodation in Barcelona for 10 months (from September 1 to June 30), an entire academic year.

Moreover, depending on availability, short stays can be made for days, weeks or months.

The residence offers double, single and duplex rooms (the latter is addressed to Senior students: Master students, professors, doctoral students, researchers and students of Oposiciones).

Room types

  • Accommodation during the academic year

    Double rooms

    Residencia Universitaria Sarria promotes integration and sociability in the university context offering double rooms shared by students.


  • Accommodation during the academic year

    Single room

    Residencia Universitaria Sarriá takes into account the needs of those students who need extra privacy offering single rooms in an environment of coexistence


  • Accommodation during the academic year

    Duplex rooms

    Residencia Universitaria Sarria provides the necessary atmosphere of concentration and sociability for senior students.