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The Residence is located in the city centre of Barcelona, in the district of SarriÓ, set in green zones and protected areas.

It is an affluent residential area within the SarriÓ-Sant Gervasi district, located in the north part of Barcelona and with a rural air that combines the works of Gaudi with modern facilities, such as CosmoCaixa, modern sports centres, schools and universities. Taking the district bus no. 130, which stops at the door of the Residence, in only five minutes one can be walking along pedestrian streets and visit numerous establishments of all kinds.

Castillo de l'Oreneta Park and Can Sentmenat Gardens surround the Residence and very close by is the Les AigŘes Road, a route within the Collserola Park, Barcelona's lungs and the ideal place to take a bicycle ride or a walk, with magnificent views of the city.

All of these comprise a natural environment that makes the Residence a peaceful and tranquil place.


SarriÓ-Sant Gervasi is an affluent residential area with numerous parks and green zones, combined with prestigious educational and health centres.

It is Barcelona's main point of access to Collserola Park, the most important green area of the city.

Today, SarriÓ combines corners that are still reminiscent of tits former rural village status, especially around calle Major de SarriÓ, with the city's modern areas and the wide arteries.


Castell de l'Oreneta Park is a large wooded area that has become a connection point to the Collserola mountain chain, the forest access that penetrates the city. It was opened to the public in 1978 and conserves, almost intact, the original Mediterranean type vegetation, with species that are very characteristic of the Barcelona mountain chain.

Castell de l'Oreneta Park has one of the best miniature manned trains in Europe. It is an element that stands out in the Barcelona landscape and is one of the city's recreational and cultural attractions.


Can Sentmenat Gardens , inaugurated in 1995, belong to the house of the Marquis of Sentmenat (current headquarters of the design school EINA)Formal and in the French style, they have unquestionable testimonial value due to the fact that they have conserved their original structure and plant species.

Apart for their elegant gardened areas, you will also find a large lake and a spectacular waterfall that stands before a wooded area with paths and stone benches.

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