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SarriÓ University Hall of Residence offers an educational scholarship program for students who pursue academic excellence and help to enrich the halls of residenceĺs cohabitation and human capital.

The aim of our scholarship program is to support those families that make an effort to provide an excellent learning environment to the student that gives him or her the chance to achieve the best results.

Committed to help those families that need a bigger support, we accept special scholarship applications for a higher aid payment.

General scholarship programme:
Ten (10) grants providing a 10% discount on the monthly fees, for students staying the whole academic year (10 months), in a shared double room.

Special Scholarship programme:
Students with an excellent academic record that need a bigger support, can make a special scholarship application. All applications will be evaluated in order to decide if a special grant providing a higher discount can be offered.

If the application is rejected the student cannot be admitted at Sarrià University Hall of Residence. It’s understood that the student will not be able to make the monthly payments, even with the general grant providing a 10% discount.

Applications can be made on the form published on the webpage or obtained from Reception.

Grant application procedure:

  • Hand in the specific grant and registration form together, duly completed.
  • Provide financial data: Income tax return of the father or mother, declaration of assets. Photocopy of the last payslip of the father or mother.
  • Applicants who are already receiving another grant must declare its type and amount. Provide academic information: grades for the last three years.
  • After assessing the documentation received, the Admissions Department will call the preselected candidates to:
                1. Carry out a selection test.
                2. Have a personal interview.

If you contact us by telephone, e-mail or fax, we can send you all the necessary information and answer any queries you may have.

The Residence reserves the right to rescind the grant if the information provided is found to be incorrect or incomplete.

Dates for submitting applications: From 1 April to 15 June.

The decision on the grant application will be notified personally to the applicants after 1 July.