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Architecture, design and plastic arts room

Architecture room | University students design room | Sarria University Halls of Residence

A room specially designed for plastic arts, design and architecture studies. Equipped with spacious tables for preparing models and technical and artistic drawing.

Spaces to store materials and models.

Space for reading specialised magazines. (Arquitectura viva, Arquitectura y construcción y CPC obra básica) Computers with AutoCAD.

It is possible to print plans or posters from the computer room using the Plotter:

Plotter HEWLETT PACKARD Designjet 510 printer series. Specifications:

* Printing up to A1
* CAD Plans
* 24/42 inches
* 2400 X 1200 dpi
* 160 MB memory
* 55 sec./size D
* HP-GL/2 in-print processing
* 4 inks. Colour printing

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